Brian Cohn Ph.D.

I'm a biologist with a penchant for product developmentā€”leveraging AI, statistical modeling, and hardware prototyping to solve issues in healthcare and biotechnology. Alongside my ongoing research, I pursue and accept industry projects. For executives and entrepreneurs who want to incorporate elements of digital health into their product strategy, I provide strategic consulting, project contracting, and IP licensing of my existing products.

Talk: SnapMove

IEEE AIVR Conference on December 14, 2020

We present SnapMove a technique to reproject reaching movements inside Virtual Reality. SnapMove can be used to reduce the need of large, fatiguing or difficult motions in VR

Download the Paper (PDF)

  title={SnapMove: Movement Projection Mapping in Virtual Reality},
  author={Cohn, Brian and Maselli, Antonella and Ofek, Eyal and Gonzalez-Franco, Mar },
  booktitle={3rd International Conference on
Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality},

Unity for Humanity 2020

Game Design for Neurophysiological Studies

Some of my recent projects include a tendon-driven robot that teaches itself to walk Nature Machine Intelligence, 2020
"Autonomous functional movements in a tendon-driven limb via limited experience" Check out the supplemental videos!
, a signal processing algorithm that characterizes corticospinal neurophysiology from a muscle, an AI-driven tool for speech-language pathologists, and a game AI that procedurally redesigns itself. With projects spanning across hospitals, universities, and biotechnology companies, I have the honor of collaborating with cutting edge researchers and clinicians in making digital health solutions more accessible. Beyond the science, I love chipotle adobo sauce, slightly burnt garlic, and piping hot cocoa. Not all at the same time.

I wear many hats:

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