I'm a biologist who loves working on problems that matter.
My recent projects include a tendon-driven robot that teaches itself to walk, a ML project that predicts future opioid abuse using insurance claim data, an auto-encoder that powers a tool for speech language pathologists, and a game AI that continually redesigns itself—so it's always as hard as it needs to be. These projects span across hospitals and biotechnology companies, and as my work lies in the intersection of modern healthcare, artificial intelligence, and universal design. I'm constantly learning about new opportunities to make an impact for people. I'm an Innovation Studio Mentor for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, with a specific focus in XR pediatric devices, and I lead a variety of universal design initiatives to make healthcare more accessible across socioeconomic disparities and health disabilities.
I got my honor's B.A. in Computational Biology from Pitzer College, and my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. Funded by the US National Science Foundation's Graduate Fellowship, my dissertation 'Feasibility Theory' focused on explaining for human muscle control patterns in health, development, aging, and pathological conditions.
Are you working on an interesting, challenging, and important project? Send me a note! I provide consulting, build contract projects, and serve as an expert witness.  Let's find out what's possible with AI and biotech.
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